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17 Restaurant and Sushi Bar
Pizza, Pasta, Sushi, Sandwiches, Soup
1205 17th Street
Miami Beach
(305) 672-0565

72nd St. Bagel
130 West 72nd Street
Upper West Side
(212) 595-1300

At 72nd St. Bagel, there is not a lot of seating, but there are plenty of options to tickle your tastebuds. Spreads, Salads, Heimische food galore. The pizza bagels are nice and messy; the sandwiches are packed with plenty of add-ons; the bagels are fresh and filling, but slightly small for a New York bagel. (Insider's tip: try the salad bar: they allow up to seven add-ins all for the same price). Have a light lunch or dinner here and then head over to the movies a few blocks away to make the perfect outing.

1407 Broadway
Midtown West
(212) 575-1407

If you are looking for an upscale steak house where you can find your fill of exquisite eats, then you have come to the right place. Abigail\'s world-class chef, Jeff Nathan, whips up everything from tortilla chips to ice cream, so every dish is sure to please. Whether it is scrumptious Portobello mushrooms  with balsamic drizzles and cedar-plank prepared salmon, or the mouth-watering ribs and steak, at Abigael\'s, you are sure to be satisfied with your choice. Wine-lovers: you are certain to find rare years and bouquets to quench your thirst. After enjoying your meal, be sure to peruse the dessert menu. Although the desserts are not dairy, they will surpass your highest expectations. The pareve Ice Cream Sundae knocks Haagen Dazs right off the charts. The service is fantastic and the wait-staff has a knack for always knowing what you want and when you want it. Remember, though, great food and great service always comes with a price.

Ariel Glatt
Breakfast, Israeli, Grill, Salad
74 West 47th Street (3rd Floor)
Midtown West
(212) 938-1490

Avi Glatt
1002 Quentin Road
(718) 947-5555

Ayurveda Cafe
Indian, Vegetarian
706 Amsterdam Avenue
Upper West Side
(212) 932-2400

Azuri Cafe
Vegetarian, Falafel, Middle Eastern
465 West 51st Street
Midtown West
(212) 262-2920

This small middle eastern restaurant serves excellent schwarma with delicious salad. Authentic Israeli service complements the food nicely. Maybe you'll get lucky and Azuri will add his world famous split pea soup to your order.

Bagel Boss
Bagels, Sandwich
263 First Avenue
(212) 388-9292

Bagel Boss
10 Jericho Turnpike
(516) 334-0300

Bagels & Co.
Bagels, Sandwich, Pizza
393 Amsterdam Avenue
Upper West Side
(212) 496-9400

A staple for the Upper West Side, Bagels and Company has significantly more seating than nearby Bagel Basket, and just slightly more than 72nd Street Bagel. The restaurant is often crowded, making it difficult to find a seat at peak times, but when the weather is nice, there are outdoor seating options. The counter service is usually prompt, the bagels are fresh, and the options are plentiful. In addition to every variety of bagel and spread, Bagels and Company has salads, sandwiches, pizza, some pastas and fish. (Insider's tip: be sure to try the low-fat veggie tuna!)

Ben's Best Deli
Deli, Sandwiches
96-40 Queens Boulevard
Rego Park
(718) 897-1700

Ben's Deli
Deli, Sandwiches
209 West 38th Street
Midtown West
(212) 398-2367

Located in Midtown West, Ben's Deli is a traditional, Eastern European delicatessen. Ben's Deli prides themselves on having fresh products and making all their food to order. They make a point to emphasize customer service, so you know you will be getting a top notch experience.

Indian, Vegetarian
102 Lexington Avenue
(212) 213-9615

187 Ninth Avenue
(212) 627-1144

Not only is this one of the best kosher restaurants in NYC, but it is also one of the best restaurants period! Vegans and Carnivores alike will rave about this mouth-watering cuisine. Not one menu item is a failure. The atmosphere is quite romantic and is perfect for a special outing. Make sure you order the apple-cinnamon sticks for dessert! (Be Advised: Although they do not cook with non-kosher wine, there is non-kosher wine on the menu...but they do have kosher wine options, and the pinotage is terrific!)

Blossom Du Jour
Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic, Sandwich
174 Ninth Avenue
(212) 229-2595

Blossom Du Jour II
Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic, Sandwich
165 Amsterdam Avenue
Upper West Side
(212) 799-9010

Bravo Kosher Burger & Deli
Deli, Burger, Sandwich
17 Trinity Place
(212) 344-1111

Bravo Pizza
Pizza, Pasta, Soup
1367 Broadway
Midtown West
(212) 268-4499

Buddha Bodai
Chinese, Vegetarian
5 Mott Street
(212) 566-8388

Buddha Bodai is the restaurant to fulfill your wildest foreign delicacy desires. The only kosher restaurant in Chinatown, Buddha Bodai serves every authentic Chinese dish imaginable, but with an unconventional twist. The restaurant is completely vegetarian, and all of their "meat" dishes are made out of soy and vegetable root! So there is no need to be alarmed when you see pork and shrimp on the menu. Buddha Bodai is easy to get to, the service is friendly and fast, and there is plenty of seating. When you are in Chinatown, experience the neighborhood at Buddha Bodai.

Cafe Blossom
Vegan, Vegetarian
507 Columbus Avenue
Upper West Side
(212) 875-2600

A vegan's dream come true! There is not one dish on the menu we would not recommend. Flavors are all spot-on! The food is delicious. The location is wonderful. Cafe Blossom does not come off as 'fancy' a restaurant as its Chelsea sister, but it surely is gourmet. Cafe Blossom is great for a romantic dinner, casual lunch, or even a lazy breakfast. Make sure you try the dark chocolate with avocado...quite rich, but well worth it.

Cafe Classico
Cafe, Deli, Sandwich, Burger
35 West 57th Street, Upstairs
Midtown West
(212) 355-5411

Cafe K
Cafe, Sandwich, Pizza, Dessert, Salad, Italian
8 East 48th Street
Midtown East
(212) 688-5373

Whether you crave a full breakfast of pancakes and waffles, a fresh panini or hearty salad for lunch, or a dairy dinner of pasta or fish, Cafe K is a great choice any time of day (insider's tip: the daily fish specials tend to be extremely fresh and high quality). The ready-made salads, sandwiches, and desserts make it easy to stop by quickly and take-out. The dim lighting and friendly Israeli wait-staff create a comfortable ambience for an intimate dinner.

Cafe K
Cafe, Sandwich, Pizza, Dessert, Salad
4110 18th Avenue
Boro Park
(718) 438-1859

Cafe K
Cafe, Sandwich, Pizza, Dessert, Salad
1111 Avenue K
(718) 677-3033

Cafe Roma
Pizza, Falafel, Salad
854 Amsterdam Avenue
Upper West Side
(212) 875-8972

This Upper West Side pizza place is a great place to stop by for a quick slice, fries, bourekas, or calzone (their eggplant calzone is especially delicious). The pizza is best when it's straight out of the oven, so be sure to get it while it's hot. In addition to regular pizza shop offerings, Roma has a salad bar with a wide variety of ethnic dishes. There is usually plenty of seating, especially if you go for lunch, and the service is always speedy. The overflowing bulletin boards and friendly faces provide a charming small town feel to a bustling Manhattan neighborhood.

Caravan of Dreams
Vegan, Breakfast, Salad, Soup, Sandwich, Dessert, Coffee
405 East 6th Street
East Village
(212) 254-1613

Caravan of Dreams is a Kosher vegan's heaven -- and even if you're not a vegan, this is still a dreamworld.  "Live" food, live music, and a great ambience will make Caravan your #1 eating-out spot.  The place is always jumping, and it is easily one of the most enjoyable and pleasantly surprising (and hip!) kosher dining experiences in Manhattan.  Be sure to try the Tempeh Reuben...and always ask your waiter/waitress what they recommend.

Chaiko Tapas
Asian, Spanish, Sushi
515 Cedar Lane
(201) 530-5665

China Glatt
Chinese, Asian, Oriental, Sushi
4413 13th Avenue
Boro Park
(718) 438-2576

Chop Chop
Chinese, Oriental, Sushi
501 West 184th Street
Washington Heights
(212) 246-7246

Chop Chop is relatively new to the restaurant game, but already they have set high standards for themselves. They offer great Chinese dishes that are very reasonably priced, and also have a great sushi bar with many Yeshiva University inspired rolls. Their quick service and great food make them a great option anytime you find yourself in Washington Heights.

Circa NY
Soup, Salad, Sandwich, Pizza, Fish, Sushi
22 West 33rd Street
Midtown West
(212) 244-3730

This is the perfect lunch place for a busy work day. The soups, sandwiches, wraps, and fresh sushi are easy to grab if you\'re in a rush. The make-your-own-salad bar, hot pasta and fish entrees, and pizza station are delicious and filling options if you have a little more time. Located conveniently in mid-town, Circa can get very crowded during lunch-time, sometimes making it difficult to find a table. However, if you want to take a mid-afternoon break from shopping at Macy\'s, Circa offers a surprisingly quiet and delightful ambience during off-hours.

Middle Eastern, Israeli
32 West 39th Street
Midtown West
(212) 354-8181

Colbeh has four convenient locations for you if you ever have a craving for authentic Mediterranean cuisine. They pride themselves ontheir kebabs and specialty-flavored rice. If only part of your party is in the mood for Mediterranean, not to worry, Colbeh has recently expanded their menu to include international specialties like sushi and elaborate continental dishes.

Corner Cafe
Cafe, Sandwich, Salad, Soup, Fish, Sandwich, Breakfast, Coffee
2 Ditmas Avenue
Boro Park
(718) 435-2233

Day 5 Sushi
1724 Coney Island Avenue
(718) 513-6662

Diamond Dairy Cafe
Breakfast, Sushi, Pizza, Salad
4 West 47th Street, Mezzanine Level
Midtown West
(212) 997-2260

Dovid's Kosher Food Stand
Cafe, Sandwich, Fish, Salad
27 William Street (Lobby)
(212) 248-9008

Eden Wok
Chinese, Sushi, Oriental
43 East 34th Street
Murray Hill
(212) 725-8100

The midtown location of this popular Kosher staple offers counter service along with ample table space. Eden Wok is the perfect lunch spot whether you need to grab a quick bite to go, or you have more time for a leisurely meal. (Insider's tip: check out the lunch special between 11-3).

Eighteen Restaurant
Deli, Grill, Sushi, Fish, Burgers
240 East 81st Street
Upper East Side
(212) 517-2400

El Gaucho
Steakhouse, Grill,
4102 18th Avenue
Boro Park
(718) 438-3006

Empire Grill
Deli, American, Grill, Sandwich
597 Empire Boulevard
Crown Heights
(718) 221-8597

Chinese, Sushi, Oriental
1217 Avenue J
(718) 677-1515

Fine & Schapiro
Deli, Sandwiches, Take Out
138 West 72nd Street
Upper West Side
(212) 877-2721

Gottleib Zoltan
Deli, Take Out, Catering, Sandwich
352 Roebling Street
(718) 384-6612

Great American Health Bar
Sandwiches, Salad, Soup, Breakfast
35 West 57th Street, Downstairs
Midtown West
(212) 355-5177

There is no better place to get a Kosher omelette in New York City. Hands down, this is one of the finest and healthiest little Kosher cafes in Manhattan. The line at lunch and the often-ordered "the usual for me" shows that this restaurant has proved itself. From low-calorie rich smoothies to exotic multi-ingredient salads, this Health Bar is not false-representing. Located just steps from famous Fifth Avenue, Great American's wraps and pastas will be the perfect complement for your shopping spree.

Grill 212
Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Falafel, Soup
212 West 80th Street
Upper West Side
(212) 724-7455

Holey Cream
Bakery, Coffee, Dessert, Ice Cream
796 9th Avenue
Midtown West
(212) 247-8400

Hummus Kitchen
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel, Salad
444 3rd Avenue
Murray Hill
(212) 696-0055

As you may have guessed from the name, Hummus Kitchen specializes in fresh, organic hummus. The menu is simple and folksy with a plethora of healthy options. They get their inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine. Because of the simple menu, they are able to focus on great, rich flavors. Try to get there for lunch to take advantage of their lunch specials!

Hummus Kitchen
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel, Salad
768 9th Avenue
Midtown West, Clinton
(212) 333-3009

As you may have guessed from the name, Hummus Kitchen specializes in fresh, organic hummus. The menu is simple and folksy with a plethora of healthy options. They get their inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine. Because of the simple menu, they are able to focus on great, rich flavors. Try to get there for lunch to take advantage of their lunch specials!

Hummus Kitchen
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel, Salad
416 Amsterdam Avenue
Upper West Side
(212) 799-0003

Hummus Kitchen
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel, Salad
1613 2nd Avenue
Upper East Side
(212) 988-0090

As you may have guessed from the name, Hummus Kitchenspecializes in fresh, organic hummus. The menu is simple and folksy with a plethora of healthy options. They get their inspiration from Mediterranean cuisine. Because of the simple menu, they are able to focus on great, rich flavors. Try to get there for lunch to take advantage of their lunch specials!

Jerusalem Cafe
Pizza, Falafel, Salad, Soup, Sushi
35 West 36th Street
Midtown West
(212) 398-1475

Have you heard of J2's Flying Pizzas? Well it all starts here. This could be one of the best Kosher pizzerias in town. If you're on the way to a game at the Garden, come here first. If you're on the way to the theater, come here first. If you're shopping at Macy's, come here first. Like most pizzerias in the City, this one is also "no frills," but with plenty of seating and quick-service, you're bound to be satisfied every time.

Deli, Sandwich, Soup, Grill, Burger
251 West 85th Street
Upper West Side
(212) 496-1500

If you are looking for a substantial meat meal, and you want to avoid midtown prices, Kasbah is the perfect choice. With a menu chock full of filling meat dishes and consistently large portions, Kasbah is sure to satisfy the heartiest appetite. (Insider's tip: try the Rumaki or a Pastrami Burger). In addition to the outstanding food, Kasbah's ambience is something to write home about. With a video of the Lubavitch Rebbe playing on a continuous loop in the background, there is an unmistakably homey feeling, making Kasbah the perfect place for a family outing or dinner with a large group of friends. On the flip side, the relatively small venue can get crowded and loud at peak dinner time. All in all, Kasbah's unique setting and perfectly grilled burgers make it an absolute must.

Kosher Delight
Take Out, Burger, Grill, Chinese, Oriental
1223 Avenue J
(718) 377-6873

Kosher delight is the kosher version of fast food, from Burgers to Chinese food, they have you covered. Offering a friendly and relaxed environment for you to eat you food, KD aims to please. They have three locations scattered around NY, but if you arenít near one have no fear, KD delivers! If you are ever in need of food for Shabbos ask about KDís Shabbos menu.

Kosher Deluxe
Take Out, Burger, Grill, Chinese, Oriental
10 West 46th Street
Midtown West
(212) 869-6699

Liebman's Kosher Catering
Deli, Caterer, Sandwich, Soup
552 West 235th Street
(718) 548-4534

Lox at Cafe Weissman
Cafe, Salad, Sandwich, Soup
1109 Fifth Avenue
Upper East Side
(212) 423-3307

Madras Mahal
Indian, Vegetarian
104 Lexington Avenue
Gramercy, Flatiron
(212) 684-4010

Maoz Vegetarian
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel, Vegetarian
38 Union Square East
East Village
(212) 260-1988

Maoz Vegetarian
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel, Vegetarian
2047 Broadway
Upper West Side
(212) 362-2622

Maoz Vegetarian
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel, Vegetarian
2857 Broadway
(212) 222-6464

Maoz Vegetarian
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel, Vegetarian
683 8th Avenue
Midtown West
(212) 265-2315

Mendy's Grand Central Dairy
Bagels, Sandwich, Coffee
109 East 42nd Street (Dining Concourse)
Midtown East
(212) 856-9399

If you find yourself in Grand Central Terminal looking for a quick bite, make your way down to Mendy's on the dining concourse. The dairy counter offers soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, paninis, etc., making it the perfect lunch spot. The concourse's shared dining area allows Mendy's patrons to fully enjoy this uniquely New York experience.

Mendy's Grand Central Meat
Deli, Sandwich, Soup
109 East 42nd Street (Dining Concourse)
Midtown East
(212) 856-9399

Mendy's Kosher Deli
Deli, Sandwich, Soup, Burger
61 East 34th Street
Murray Hill
(212) 576-1010

Mendy's is one of the few classic New York Kosher Delis that is actually Kosher. Craving a pastrami sandwich with a side of potato knish? Just want a bowl of matzah ball soup? Mendy's is the place for you. Sit in the front for counter service, or venture to the back room for table service and a slightly cozier atmosphere. And for you Seinfeld fans, don't forget, this is the place to debate whether soup counts as a meal?

Mendy's Rockefeller Plaza
Deli, Sandwich, Soup, Burger
30 Rockefeller Plaza
Midtown West
(212) 262-9600

Mia Chef Gelateria
Gelato, Ice Cream, Dessert
379 3rd Avenue
(212) 889-8727

Milk 'N Honey NYC
Cafe, Salads, Sandwich, Pizza, Sushi
22 West 45th Street
Midtown West
(212) 764-4400

Milk 'N Honey is one of the newest additions to the Manhattan Kosher scene. Milk 'N Honey's offerings are reminiscent of Circa-NY, located twelve blocks further south, but the food is pricier and there are fewer options. The pizza is good, but the salad bar is the key. (Insider's Tip: The Make-Your-Own Salad Bar is a set price with unlimited ingredients, but their Bagel Sandwiches are priced very high)

Mr. Broadway
Deli, Sandwich, Soup, Burger, Sushi, Chinese, Oriental
1372 Broadway
Midtown West
(212) 921-2152

If you are looking for a restaurant in the garment district that offers a wide variety of cuisines, Mr. Broadway is the place for you. They offer American delicatessen, Mediterranean specialties, a full Chinese menu and fresh Sushi, so you know they will have what you want. Koshertopia tip: If you order online, you get a 10% discount.

My Most Favorite Food
Italian, Fish, Desserts, Pasta
247 West 72nd Street
Upper West side
(212) 997-5130

Formerly known as My Most Favorite Dessert Company and Restaurant Cafe, My Most Favorite Food is still just that. Truly, one of our favorites. Whether you\'re midtown before a show, or in the area for some late night dessert and drinks, this is the perfect restaurant for you. And now that they\'ve changed their name, you surely won\'t skip over their delectable entrees in favor of their even tastier desserts.

Nargila Grill
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Fish, Falafel
1599 York Avenue
Upper East Side
(212) 535-3700

Nesher Fine Foods
Deli, Eastern European, Sandwich
4023 13th Avenue
Boro Park
(718) 437-3631

Olga's on Smith
Sandwiches, Salad, Soup,
407 Smith Street
Carroll Gardens
(347) 335-0981

Olympic Pita
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel, Grill, Sushi
58 West 38th Street
Midtown West
(212) 869-7482

Pahal Zan Kosher Falafel
Falafal, Middle Eastern, Israeli, Grill
106-12 71st Avenue
Forest Hills
(718) 793-7177

Pastrami Queen Kosher Deli
Deli, Sandwich, Soup, Burger
1125 Lexington Avenue
Upper East Side
(212) 734-1500

Perizia Kosher Pizza
Italian, Pizza, Soup, Salad
1626 East 16th Street
(718) 513-4900

Pita Express
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel, Grill, Burger, Sandwich
15 Ann Street
(212) 571-2999

This place is packed everyday at lunch with Plaintiffs and Defendants alike. With a place so close to the courts downtown, lawyers, judges, even clerks eat here daily. If you're downtown and want a quick falafel or babaganoush, Pita Express is a good pick. (Insider's Tip: Combination platter is a great option for lunch - it's filling, tasty, and the pitas are endless -- however, it may stick with you past dinner)

Pita Off The Corner II
Falafel, Middle Eastern, Hummus, Israeli, Salad, Sandwich
1764 1st Avenue
Upper East Side
(212) 410-7482

Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel
1369 Broadway
Midtown West
(212) 792-6765

Pizza Da Solo
Pizza, Italian
550 Madison Avenue
Midtown East
(212) 602-1808

Indian, Vegetarian
110 Lexington Avenue
(212) 696-9458

Located amidst numerous kosher, vegetarian, Indian restaurants, Pongal has no trouble holding its own. Hailed as one of the best South Indian restaurants in the city, Pongal's patronage is diverse, making it a welcome alternative to some of the city's more traditional kosher establishments. So if you're looking for a new type of food, a different neighborhood, or a value meal, Pongal is the place for you (insider's tip: spinach lovers should start with Spinach Pakoda and then move onto Palak Paneer).

Ice Cream, Dessert, Yogurt
5 Carmine Street
East Village
(212) 255-4874

Red Mango
Dessert, Yogurt, Ice Cream
111 Fulton Street
(212) 321-3210

Saba's Pizza
Pizza, Falafel, Salad, Soup
1376 Lexington Avenue
Upper East Side
(212) 987-9130

Indian, Vegetarian
804 Newark Avenue
Jersey City
(201) 533-8400

Saravanaa Bhavan
Indian, Vegetarian
413 Amsterdam Avenue
Upper West Side
(212) 721-7755

Schnitzel Express
Deli, Sandwich
1410 Broadway
Midtown West
(212) 997-7770

Shalom Bombay
344 Lexington Avenue
Murray Hill
(212) 922-0224

Shalom Bombay is truly and Indian delight. The restaurant has a very cosy, intimate, yet classy ambiance with a stunning rooftop mural. It certainly looks and feels like you are in upper class Mumbai. As if the decor wasn't enough, the food is delicious. Classical Indian cuisine tastefully delivered to the table by the excellent and attentive wait staff. Both the chicken and meat dishes are full of flavor and delightful, and as the New York times said in their review the "Indian breads are fresh, warm and properly blistered". If you are in the mood for more than your generic meat restaurant definitely check them out.

Shnitzel Time
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Burger, Grill, Salad
206 Rockaway Turnpike
(516) 239-9222

Shuk Mediterranean Cuisine
Mediterranean, Hummus, Falafel, Salad Sandwich
129 Livingston Street
(718) 522-4500

Soom Soom
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel, Salad, Vegetarian
8 West 46th Street
Midtown West
(212) 997-7666

Soom Soom
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel, Salad, Vegetarian
672 Lexington Avenue
Midtown East
(212) 355-6888

Soom Soom
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel, Salad, Vegetarian
166 West 72nd Street
Upper West Side
(212) 712-2525

Soom Soom
Middle Eastern, Israeli, Falafel, Salad, Vegetarian
1603 Second Avenue
Upper East Side
(212) 327-2500

Strawberry Fields
Dessert, Yogurt, Ice Cream
50 Fulton Street
(212) 300-4311

Taam Tov
Bukharian, Middle Eastern
41 West 47th Street, 3rd Floor
Midtown West
(212) 768-8001

Talia's Steakhouse & Bar
American, Middle Eastern, Steakhouse
668 Amsterdam Avenue
Upper West Side
(212) 580-3770

Talia\'s steakhouse offers you a great new way to order dinner. They offer four \"recession-proof\" prix-fixe menus that allow you to mix and match your options as you please. If youíre not in the mood for that, they also offer a classic menu (and a great kids menu) for you to choose from. The great ambiance and excellent food assures that you will have a great experience every time.

Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic, Sandwich
64 West 23rd Street
(212) 647-8810

Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic, Sandwich
100 Maiden Lane
(212) 742-7901

The Organic Grill
Vegetarian, Breakfast, Coffee, Sandwich
123 First Avenue
East Village
(212) 477-7177

The Soft Serve Fruit Co.
Ice Cream, Yogurt, Dessert
25 East 17th Street
East Village
(212) 675-0550

Sushi, Pasta, Salad, Dessert, Coffee, Sandwich
45 East 34th Street
Murray Hill
(212) 481-4222

Tiffin Wallah
Indian, Vegetarian
127 East 28th Street
(212) 685-7301

Vegan, Vegetarian, Dessert
1522 1st Avenue
Upper East Side
(212) 249-5009

The restaurant hits a high note with its laidback wine bar atmosphere and stylish decor. The front entrance is separated from the seating area by a few half walls some lounge couches to have a glass of wine while you wait for a table or the rest of your party.

Va Bene
Italian, Pasta, Pizza
1589 Second Avenue
Upper East Side
(212) 517-4448

Village Crown To-Go
216 East 49th Street, 2nd Floor
Midtown East
(212) 207-3888

Looking for catering for your business or family? Village Crown is your answer. The food is prepared using only the freshest ingredients and is delivered on time to the location of your choice. With two separate kitchens you have the option of ordering milk or meat, your choice. Looking for special Shabbos or holiday meals? Village Crown has you covered.

Wild Ginger
Asian, Vegetarian
380 Broome Street
(212) 966-1883

Wolf & Lamb
American, Deli, Steakhouse, Burger
10 East 48th Street
Midtown East
(212) 317-1950

In midtown and looking for a top-notch steakhouse? Wolf and Lamb is the place for you. The upscale welcoming atmosphere is the perfect setting for your top of the line meal. They do all their butchering in-house, so they can hand select only the best cuts of meat. Not a meat person? Have no fear. They also have great soups, salads, chicken and fresh fish to satisfy your hunger.


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