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About Us

Koshertopia was launched in January of 2009 by true food lovers. Our goal was to bring something to kosher consumers that was not previously available.

Koshertopia was created as a strategic solution to a void in the kosher marketplace.  Our desire to be in the know about happenings in the kosher world was the foundation for the idea of koshertopia.com. We found that much of the information about kosher products and/or restaurants was out of date and was scattered throughout the vast expanse of the internet.

We created koshertopia.com so kosher consumers can get the latest, most up to date, information about kosher restaurants in one place. Koshertopia is the place where kosher consumers can research local kosher hot spots, share their experiences with other interested kosher consumers and receive instant information for the closest kosher restaurants. The Koshertopia community consists of thousands of kosher consumers across the country and across the world.

We provide the tools for consumers to make informed decisions, not just about their dining options, but also about the food they bring into their home. Our blogs and expert food reviews allow our users to discuss hot topics and trends in the kosher world so that real food aficionados can bring gourmet food home.

Koshertopia is your one stop shop for everything kosher.

Who We Are

Daniel Kraus

Kosher Executive Officer (KEO)

Daniel comes from a Land Down Under (which probably explains why he has been known to eat people under the table). He has consulted to numerous kosher brands in Australia, with a particular focus on international distribution. Daniel is the US liaison for Kosher Australia, the largest Kosher supervisory agency in Australia, and has represented them at Kosherfest for a number of years.

Daniel may, or may not, have dedicated his whole life to making vegemite kosher.

Eli Sabo

Kosher Technology Officer (KTO)

Eli is a native New Yorker (you got a problem with that?). In the city that never sleeps, he is up each night maintaining our proprietary computer network - the only system with two hard drives: one for fleishig restaurants and one for milchig ones (we keep the pareve ones on a memory stick).

While he is now an experienced IT project manager and former big 4 systems auditor, he never forgets his roots as waiter in the Catskills.

Alan Samuels


Alan is your quintessential Englishman in New York (just without the tea). He is the former head of strategy and operations at Dotmenu where, via Allmenus.com and Campusfood.com, the company maintained 250,000 restaurant menus and 5,000 online ordering restaurants across 400 college campuses and 70 cities. He was a key member of the management team that executed the merger with leading industry player, GrubHub.com.

Alan is a real meat-lover and still honors (actually, "honours") the yahrzeit of Dr. Atkins.

Questions? Comments? Need Assistance?

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